Targeted Challenge-driven Proposals: Molecular Water Science

01 July, 2022

Water is key to life on our planet and plays a central role in a large number of environmental and technological processes starting from the
complex aqueous contents of cells, to clouds in the atmosphere and aqueous catalytic cycles in industry. Climate change and environmental degradation
are pressing existential threats to our planet and life as we know it. Any strategy to address these threats needs to deal with multiple challenges,
such as the need for carbon-free energy production and the need for clean water.
To address these challenges, a vastly improved understanding of the underlying physical, chemical and biological processes is required;
meaning the need a molecular-scale understanding of water and the role it plays in all aspects of life, chemistry and the environment. PETRA III
beamlines offer a multitude of complementing methods for water science to exactly address open questions along these lines.

Deadline for proposal submission: 18 July 2022

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